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Flow Commander

Flow Commander Display Navigation and Calibration. Download PDF

Flow Commander Flow Control Tuning. Download PDF

The Flow Commander is our flagship product typically used for intermittent hypoxia and or sustained gas control applications. The Flow Commander is capable of using any input concentration of Air, N2, O2, or CO2, mixing, and outputting any desired concentration (within the specs of your customized instrument).

Those entering into a partnership with Therapeutiq by purchasing beta and advanced beta units receive lifetime (of the product) direct access to a product developer and any member of the executive team. Standard product warranty in the industry is 12 months on labor and parts. We honor our partners and understand the value brought to the launch of our company by keeping you in full operating condition. Given the extreme quality of the product, we don’t have reasonable expectation of product failure for years to come.

q-tray and Smart Computing products:

These products come with a warranty of 12 months (from shipment) for material and craftsmanship. In the event of product failure, beyond the 12 month warranty, parts are available to get you up and running for at least 5 years from the date of purchase. If support is unable to finalize an off-site diagnosis and ship parts for immediate repair, the client should cover shipping both ways for evaluation and or repair within the warranty period.

Gas Supply

We work with industry leaders to bring you the best product for your research and veterinary applications and beyond. We will work with you to ensure that you receive the support (from the manufacturer or servicer) required to operate these products successfully. Manufacturer warranties apply.

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