Gas Control - Hypoxia - Hyperoxia - Hypercapnia

The Flow Commander by Therapeutiq Research is a simple-to-use automatically-controlled gas control device to support your research needs.

As our flagship products, typically used for intermittent hypoxia and or sustained gas control applications, the Flow Commander and Q-top are capable of using any input concentration of Air, N2, O2, or CO2, mixing, and outputting any desired concentration (within the specs of your customized instrument) to precisely create a home environment for each subject.

The Flow Commander by Therapeutiq Research and the q-top, were prototyped for seven years in partnership with researchers currently at the University of Wisconsin (Wisconsin Institute for Discovery - Morgridge Institute for Discovery) and the University of Florida (McKnight Brain Institute). These products are best at supporting therapeutic hypoxia and the quicker transitions required for the mimicking of sleep apnea.